ToughBuilt TB-H4S30-80 Scraper Utility Knife Blades 30pk

ToughBuilt® Utility Knife Blades keep your utility knife working optimally throughout the most rigorous jobs. Made from durable, precision-honed carbon steel to provide long-lasting use. The straightedge blades deliver precise and accurate cuts on a variety of materials including carpet, cardboard, drywall, leather, rubber, vinyl flooring and more.
Product Code: TB-H4S30-80
Manufacturer: ToughBuilt
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£7.80 incl vat

Made fit all ToughBuilt utility knives and upgrade standard utility knife blades, these blades are built to meet the pros’ rigorous demands.

  • Fits all ToughBuilt Utility Knives and other utility knives that use standard blades.

  • Precision-honed carbon steel delivers precise, accurate cuts

  • Designed for long-lasting use

  • Straight edge

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