Stihl FS40 Petrol Grass Trimmer

The Stihl FS40 petrol grass trimmer is designed trimming grass and overgrown areas. The powerful 27.2cc engine provides plenty of output to shear through grass and overgrowth, whilst maintaining consistent power output. The FS40 is supplied with a set of complementary safety goggles to protect the eyes from grass or debris.
Product Code: 41440112309
Manufacturer: Stihl
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List Price: £238.80 incl vat
£197.94 incl vat


  • 27.2cc petrol engine
  • Auto-return off switch
  • Auto-cut mowing head
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Simple and easy line replenishment
  • Lightweight design reduces fatigue when using
  • Ergo start provides a simple starting of the motor


  • Weight: 4.4kg
  • Fuel tank capacity
  • 27.2cc Petrol engine
  • Power output: 1 BHP
  • Noise level: 94 dB(A)
  • Length: 1.45m (excluding cutting head)
  • Fuel type: Unleaded petrol/2 stroke oil (50:1 mix)
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