Standard Leg Jiffy Joist Hanger 75MM A270/75 Light Duty Hanger

Standard Timber to Timber Hangers. A quick and safe method of joist trimming for light, medium and heavy applications such as supporting floor joists, trimming stair wells, and underslung joists. They have increased hole centres to spread load over greater area.
Product Code: V81-075-GALV
Manufacturer: Vista Engineering
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£1.49 incl vat

A lightweight galvanised steel joist hanger providing a strong connection and quick and easy installation. Designed with wider 50mm strap legs to enhance performance with increased nail spacing. Suitable for joist depths of 150 to 250mm. Leg length can be adjusted by wrapping over to suit joist height. Also suitable for face fixing.

  • Material – Produced from 0.9mm thick galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009 DX51D + G275 as standard, or stainless steel available to order.
  • Fixing – Fix using either Type A or Type B fixings in all pre-punched holes:
    • Type A, 30mm x 3.75mm Sheradised Square Twist Nails usually supplied loose for manual fixing.
    • Type B, 35mm x 3.75mm Sheradised Square Twist Nails usually collated for nail gun fixing.