AREA 6 CONNECT provides a diffused and uniform light up to 6000 lumen which is ideal for the professional user who requires efficient illumination of the entire work area carrying out any kind of repair, paint or construction work.
Product Code: 03.6108C
Manufacturer: Scangrip
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It features 2 level light output (50-100%) which makes it possible to adjust the light according to the work task.

AREA 6 CONNECT is a battery powered work light compatible with METABO / CAS battery system 18V 5.2 Ah and all other 18V battery packs from leading power tool brands by using the SCANGRIP CONNECTOR. In addition, the SCANGRIP POWER SUPPLY can be used for direct power providing unlimited availability to light.

Work light with high flexibility

Due to the compact and lightweight design, AREA 6 CONNECT is portable and easy to carry around. It is also supplied with a hook for flexible positioning and can be mounted directly on the SCANGRIP TRIPOD.

Why you should choose AREA 6 CONNECT

  • Compatible with METABO / CAS battery system and all other 18V battery packs by using SCANGRIP CONNECTOR
  • Portable due to compact and lightweight design
  • 360° work light
  • Compatible with SCANGRIP TRIPOD
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