Makita DMP180Z 18V LXT Tyre Inflator (Bare Unit)

DMP180 is a cordless inflator powered by 18V LXT Li-Ion battery.
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Manufacturer: Makita
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Makita 18V LXT Inflator Bare Unit DMP180Z The Makita 18V LXT Inflator Bare Unit DMP180Z is ideal for trade professionals as well as DIYers, due to the sheer power, durability and great quality this is made with. It features a digital pressure gauge to make reading the pressure much easier. It has been designed to have high stability on the ground, coming in handy when working hard as it is another thing you do not need to worry about.


  • Digital pressure gauge
  • High stability on the ground
  • Auto-stop function at pre-set target pressure
  • LED job light
  • In-built storage for different valve adaptors
  • Main switch is equipped with Auto-off function to prevent accidental start-up during transportation
  • Protection from over-heating: Thermostat is activated to protect the machine when the pump temperature increases
  • Suitable for inflating bicycle and vehicle tyres, sports balls and inflatable leisure equipment.


Sport ball needle adaptor
Tapered adaptor
English valve adaptor
American valve adaptor
French valve adaptor