Lamello 144000 Original Size 0 Biscuits (1000 Pieces)

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The original wood biscuit is the proven solution for wood joints and the original from the inventor of the system. The original
wood biscuit guarantees quality with its dimensional accuracy, optimal glue distribution, dimensional stability as well as the sustainable cultivation of the beech wood. The perfect fit demonstrates its value from the very start, when the biscuits are easily inserted into the groove and remain in place even when the work piece is turned.

Sustainable wood management

Only wood from the region around the company’s head office in Bubendorf are used to produce the biscuits.

Tried and tested joining system

Right from when the biscuit was invented in 1955, the Lamello system for connecting panel materials has been indispensable.


A cutting principle for many different joining elements.

Size: 47x15x4mm

Cutter: ø 100 x 4 x 22

Material: Beech

Qantity: 1000 Pieces