Festool LEX 2 150/11 Compressed Air 691136 ( A - GRADE ) " NEW IN BOX " Eccentric Sander

Product Code: DEM691136-A
Manufacturer: Festool
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  • Operating pressure (flow pressure) 6 bar
  • No. of strokes 14000 min-1
  • Sanding stroke 11 mm
  • Air consumption at rated load 390 l/min
  • Grinding disk 150 mm
  • Weight 1,2 kg


  • StickFix sanding pad 150 mm (soft HT)
  • Bottle cleaning and lubricating oil LD-10 (50 ml)
  • Operation tool

Other Information

Dead-man switch for safe work. Sanding pad brake gives a clean pattern. VibrationsStop for healthy, non-tiring work. Softgrip cap to prevent slipping. Clearly visible stroke indicator. Robust vane motor for a long service life. MPE sanding pads with unique MULTI-JETSTREAM principle for maximum extraction efficiency and sanding power.

For polishing and coarse sanding. Coarse sanding large, filled surfaces.

Festool Code / Part Number: 691136

Model Reference: LEX 2 150/11

Product Type: Compressed air eccentric sander VG

Associated Business: Automotive, Wood, Painter