BAHCO 244P-22-U7-HP BARROWacuda Handsaw 550mm (22in) 7tpi

The Bahco 244+ BARROWacuda Handsaw is a high-quality general purpose hard point saw suitable for cutting softwood, worktops, chipboard and MDF.

The Super sharp toothing and thicker blade offer faster cutting with improved stability and precision during use and the screwed 2-component handle can be used for approximate 45° and 90° marking guides.

Product Code: BAH24422PN
Manufacturers: Bahco , Bahco
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This Bahco 244P-22-U7-HP BARROWacuda Handsaw has the following specification:

Blade Length: 550mm (22in).
Tooth Pitch: 7 tpi.
Type: Universal hard point.