Wera 05073921001 855/1 Premium Plus Impaktor Diamond Bit for Pozidriv Screws PZ2

Wera 855/1 IMP DC Impaktor TriTorsion Long Service Life Bit, for Pozidriv screws. Impaktor bits maximise utilisation of material properties using a very special geometry designed to meet extreme working demands. The combination of a double torsion zone in the Impaktor holder and a torsion zone in the Impaktor bit results in a TriTorsion system
Product Code: 05073921001
Manufacturer: Wera
Delivery time: 1-2 days
£2.58 incl vat

The TriTorsion system is designed to absorb impact forces and thereby protects the bit tip, greatly enhancing the service life of the bit. Impaktor bits also feature miniature diamond particles on the tip of the bit that literally "bite" into the screw, creating a secure fit in the screw and preventing any slipping out from occurring. Such a secure fit means that less contact pressure is required, this therefore greatly delays user fatigue in power tool applications.

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